Monday, May 25, 2009

Mother's Day and Nick's Graduation

I apologize for the delay in updates. No excuse other than spending all my free time with little Bailers and the rest of my family. Many things have happened since my last post. We had Mother's Day which was awesome. Bailey took me, and Nick got to take his Mom to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. This is the first Mother's Day Nick has had with his mom since 1998! My mom, MiMi, got to join us the following weekend for Nick's graduation. Still weird that I was actually an honoree on Mother's Day, but I think I am getting used to being a Mom. I can't forget about our "firstborn" son, Dakota. He has been celebrating Mother's Day with us for the last four years. Bailey really likes to watch Dakota in the backyard, and she thinks it is hilarious when he plays with his ball.
Grandma is heading back to Japan at the end of this week, and we are so sad. We have been so blessed to have Grandma stay with Bailers during the day along with taking care of Nick and I at night. We are so thankful, and we are sure going to miss her! Good thing she is bringing PaPa and Uncle Ethan back in July to help us move!
The weekend after Mother's Day was one of the best weekends we have had since we arrived in Aggieland. It was Graduation Weekend! Nick's grandparents came down from Paris, and my parents, my grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins and a few good friends got share in the magical moment for Nick! Let's be was pretty magical for me too because I can't wait for Nick's first "real" paycheck! No more sugar momma for Nick!
Needless to say, we are excited about the changes and opportunities that await us in Dallas. We will miss our friends and family in Aggieland dearly, but we look forward to being with our friends and family up in the Metroplex.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cute burpcloth giveaway!

A friend of a friend has started this new business and it sounds adorable. Check out the Jelby link below the birthday and anniversary tickers for information on a giveaway contest. They are all so cute but I like Ryleigh and Caroline the best.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Precious, Laughing Bailey

A little background...Bailey loves to "fly". She likes it when you put her above your head and make noises, but she REALLY likes the landing! I think that started because Nick makes this funny crashing noise when he brings her back down and then the "flight" always ends with a big smile from whomever the pilot happens to be. Today Grandma was the pilot. I was in the other room preparing a bottle for Miss Thing, and oh the way my heart melted when I heard her giggling from across the house.

Blake Family Foursome

Blake Family Foursome
This is our first picture of the four of us. Laura Sue took it on her short, but sweet visit a couple of weeks ago. I stole the pic from her blog!